A pre-wedding wash down…

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We were lucky enough to be invited to take care of Braeside Homestead before they hosted a wedding. The stunning property boasts heritage buildings and seven hectares of amazingly manicured gardens and was a challenge we accepted with open arms.

A full exterior wash was required of the main residence, built in 1874, as well as two accompanying cottages, followed by exterior window washing using our purified water to leave them sparkling and streak free. Working with hoses is a complicated business at the best of times, and the delicate roses around the weatherboard buildings tested us. Happily, we were able to deliver stunning house washing results without any harm to the flora.

 surface cleaning

The main residence is surrounded by a granite path which required some treatment here and there, and the older timbers used for benches, archways and trim needed a delicate touch due to their age. Something only soft washing can deliver. Can you imagine the destruction that could have been caused if high pressure had been used willy nilly.

braeside wash down

All in all, this mammoth task was completed in good time and impressed our clients. Whatever the job, a small house wash or a complex in need of maintenance, contact the team from Spark. 0420 213 145