NB. Our terms may change from time to time. Terms may differ between services and the latest and most up to date terms are always provided with quotes in an email.

Although we deliver amazing service and think you'll be impressed with your sparkling home, there are a couple of things we'd like to point out. Fine print is not something we like to include (or hide), but here it is for you to read. We're sure you'd like to know this upfront rather than having questions for us later. And these are also included i in the email that accompanies every proposal we send out. By accepting a proposal from Spark you are accepting these terms.


Payment: A fully refundable deposit* of $100 may be required by Visa, MasterCard or AMEX to secure your booking with the balance due on completion of service. Payments can be made cash, direct deposit,Visa, MasterCard or AMEX. If you would prefer to pay by direct deposit, the full amount must be cleared prior to arrival. Note that if the balance is not paid by the end of business the day after the service, we may authorise Stripe to charge the balance to the card provided for the deposit.

* Refundable up to 10am the day before service. Please contact us as soon as possible should you wish to reschedule your booking.

Credit cards accepted


The following information relates to;

  • house washing
  • roof cleaning
  • pressure washing
  • other exterior cleaning

Our cleaning methods may reveal imperfections in surfaces that were not visible prior to cleaning. Heavy build up of mould and dirt may be hiding other problems such as cracks, oil or rust stains, wood rot, flaking or missing paint. Damage is usually present already underneath where bat faeces has been left for a period of time on painted surfaces. Removal of the offending marks will likely result in paint removal. In some circumstance the removal of a stain may not be possible or practical, and replacement or repainting may be necessary.

Please secure all doors, windows, screens, light globes, remove all furnishings and items from around the property, remove vehicles from driveways and other personal property prior to cleaning services. Failure to do so may limit our capacity to deliver the highest quality service or may lead to damaged property for which Spark Exterior Cleaning cannot be held liable.

Ensure that all persons, children and pets are away from work being performed on your property.

Our services do not include by default to removal of vegetation such as vine growth on walls (such removal usually results in damage to the property).


Track Cleaning: Track cleaning includes  brushing out, vacuuming, and wiping out the track. If your windows are not too old or have been well maintained over their life then you can expect great results, however the older the tracks are and the longer between cleans will effect the final result we achieve. If you are wanting a guarantee of perfect cleanliness in the window track we’d be happy to give you a separate quote for the “Q-tip” treatment, just let us know!

Screens: All screens will respond to cleaning differently. We have a system for cleaning screens that produces excellent results, however cannot guarantee they will look brand new.

  • Crimsafe style security screens are hard to return to their original look and collect lots of debris over their life time. Because we have never found windows that are 100% leak proof there is a limit to how much rinsing we can do when cleaning these style screens to avoid tracks overflowing internally. We will do our best, however cannot guarantee them to dry without a streaky look (The Crimsafe maintenance guidelines recommend a cleaning regime using a wash and wax product every 6 months).
  • Diamond pattern security screens collect organic matter between the mesh and the grills as well as in the track that the grills are fixed into. It is sometimes impossible to remove all this debris in a cost effective way.

Frames: We use a microfibre cloth and mild detergent to clean window frames. It's great for getting rid of dirt and dust, however, may not remove silicone, heavy grease, stains, caulk, paint.

Leaks: We cannot be held responsible for leaky windows or doors that allow water to pass through to the inside under similar pressure as a rainstorm. We can usually spot offending windows before we start and if we see that your windows or doors are leaking, we will stop. If you know of any situations where a heavy rain storm causes leaks at certain windows or doors please let us know in advance.

Furniture & Blinds: We it comes to working in and around your home there are a few things we’d rather leave to you. The odd chair, kids toys and so on are ok, however some heavy furniture may not be moved for the safety of our staff. Curtains and blinds should be drawn by you to avoid any potential mishaps. If you’d like us to draw your curtains and blinds during our visit we can do so but won’t be held responsible for any damage as often people are unaware of existing issues such as brittle plastic parts or broken cords.

Beyond standard window cleaning: Spark Window Cleaning  is  not  responsible for  any conditions  that do not respond to  standard window  cleaning  methods,  such as  existing  scratches,  hazing,  etching,  pitting  or  hard  water  stains.  Construction  clean up, like  sticker, adhesive, paint and mortar removal, is not included in a standard window cleaning.

Service Area: All of South East Queensland, including Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Stanthorpe, Warwick and Tenterfield. Our service area for window cleaning currently excludes Brisbane Metropolitan until December 2018. Please ask us about our recommended window cleaners in that area.