What is it?

A litte bit about me and why I'm selling...

I started my window cleaning life in 2008, and was instantly hooked. I quickly set up Big Red Window Cleaning and introduced water fed pole and pure water systems to the business in 2010. We would have been one of the first in Brisbane for sure. The name came from our big red van and over the next seven years, water fed pole our way all over Brisbane and built a Google chart topping website that pulled in a stack of leads.

In 2015 we made a family decision to leave Brisbane and raise the kids in the country. We bought a property at a chilly 950m above sea level and sold the business. With a few pigs and chooks to look after, but not so much cleaning work around, I had a little extra time on my hands and decided to map out my processes in case I wanted to start something again. Once you've found a perfect system that works, you need to drill it into the minds of your hired hands. Not an easy thing for any business. 

I won't take all the credit. Joining the Window Cleaning Resource Association in the US was probably one of the better decisions I'd made over the years and with it came information about systems and processes. Now, things are a little different there than they are here, so have really used what I learned to make something that worked for me here.

The Spark Way, is my manual. It took shape over a period of 12 months and now contains pages and pages of 'how to' information including photos and instructional diagrams for staff to follow when working on the job. It's written in a way anyone can follow, and deliver the same results time and again. We've even included small scripts for staff to follow so there is almost no reason to call the boss in situations you may think should be pretty self explanatory, like the following from Chapter 3 - How We Clean Internal Windows;

Scenario 1.

“Excuse me Mary, is anyone sleeping or working in any of the bedrooms?”

        “Oh, yes. My son is asleep upstairs, I’ll go and wake him now.”


Scenario 2.

“Excuse me Mary, is anyone sleeping or working in any of the bedrooms?”

        "Oh yes. My son is asleep upstairs. He works night shift so let’s just leave his bedroom.”

“Sure thing. Do you think you could open all the other doors upstairs so we’ll know which one not to disturb?”

It's little things like this that can help set you apart from others. All these little things add up to an experience for your customer, so why not make it a good one?

Cutting a really long story, short, Spark is for sale due to other business commitments and the travel just too much... we moved out here for a reason! To the right is a list of what is going with the sale (scroll down on mobile devices). 

Window Cleaning Manual
Business For Sale
House Washing Manual

What's included?

Let's take a look...

Website & Support
- domain ownership of spark.net.au and 2 supporting domains
- 12 months hosting, support and updates
- 12 months daily backups and malware prevention

Business Manuals
- window cleaning manual
- house washing manual

2015 Fiat Scudo, 1.8 Turbo Diesel Van
- 6 seater van (removable crew seats converts to 3 seater)
- roof rack with pole straps and lockable tube storage
- after market rear passenger windows
- tow bar
- new tyres
- new brakes
- roadworthy certificate

Ply lining
- interior van walls and floor lined with marine ply
- floor lined with heavy duty rubber

500L Buffer Tank
- custom made 10mm HDPE upright tank saves space
- auto shut off float valve
- plumbed to exterior of van for easy filling
- plumbed to pressure washer
- plumbed ready for 12v soft wash system

Pressure Washer
- Kohler 14hp, 15LPM Annovi Reverberi
- mounted on slide so can be operated inside or outside vehicle
- less than 400hrs

Window Cleaning Gear
- RO (Reverse Osmosis) caddy, brand new
- 13L DI (De-ionising) tank on trolley & resin
- 100m safety yellow microbore delivery hose
- 60m feed hose
- Reach-iT MINI 25ft carbn fibre pole, approx 30ft reach (2017 model)
- Reach-iT XT 10ft extension pole for Reach-iT MINI
- Reach-iT RHINO pole hose (brand new + extra used hose)
- constructor brush
- Vikan sill brush
- Vikan flocked brush
- 2 belts with BOAB (bucket on a belt)
- 6" Triumph blade and holster
- various Sorbo squeegees and rubbers
- 14" Moermann squeegee and rubbers
- T-Bar scrubbers and sleeves
- huck towels
- micro fibre towels
- doodlebug and white pads for stain removal
- Unger stain remover
- 2x TDS meters for monitoring water purity

House Washing Gear
- Pressure washer (as mentioned above)
- Vega lance
- stubby gun
- 1.5m extension
- J-Rod with soft washing nozzles
- turbo nozzle
- hi low nozzle
- Genuine X-Jet M5 with 5ft hose, inline tap and bottle riser
- 50M pressure hose, 5800PSI 3/8"
- 60L black barrel for house wash mix
- General Pump injector and hose to draw detergent
- 3 x 20L drums of house wash detergent (almost full)

Other misc
- 20" BE Whirlaway Surface Cleaner
- Gorilla extension ladder
- Gorilla .9m step ladder
- Petzl super cool and comfortable harness (only used a few times for window cleaning, so no chemicals on it) like new
- 30m rope
- 2 x roof anchors
- Various carabiners
- Petzl helmet with removable ear muffs

Belts, buckets, t-bars, scrubbers and squeegees

Van pressure washer slide out

Pressure washer slide out

Water Fed Poles

Water fed poles, brushes and hose

Lance, stubby trigger, extension lance, J-ROD, soft washing nozzles, X-Jet and more

BE Whirl-away surface cleaner

Pressure washer

Custom HDPE buffer tank

Want more?

Let's see what we have here...

How about uniforms? Professional looking uniforms to help your team stand out from the crowd... Brand new (still tagged) we're including 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 caps, 1 shorts as well as slightly used 1 short sleeve shirt, 4 long sleeve shirts, 2 caps. These uniforms are all UPF 30+ and the hats 50+. They're also bleach proof, which makes them perfect for house washing. 

EMB files of logos, so you can have uniforms embroidered anywhere, are included (see Digital Pack below)


Digital Pack

Keep pumping out flyers, business cards, postcards and more...

We've already created a stack of flyers and postcard designs ready to print, along with business cards of course. Heard of yard signs? Our eye catching yard signs are a great way to generate interest from passers by. Most customers will be happy to let you stick one on their lawn for a week after you've completed the job. Files included for everything from Facebook covers to print ready PDF files to embroidery files, supplied on USB flash drive as well as stored on the cloud;

  • All Spark variant logos (PSD, JPG, PNG, EPS, EMB)
  • Business cards (PSD, PDF)
  • DL Flyers (PSD, PDF)
  • A5 Flyers (PSD, PDF)
  • A6 Postcards (PSD, PDF)
  • Yard Signs (PSD, PDF)


DL Flyers

Business Cards

Staff Scripts

The Manuals

What it's not...

What is not on offer

There is no goodwill, so to speak, included in the sale of this business. I live miles away from Toowoomba and Brisbane, and have another business that needs my attention. Although there will be a few loyal customers that go along with the sale, that's not what we're selling here. What you will get is a ready to roll business, complete with equipment, manuals and training... oh the training. I almost forgot.

Along with the manuals, I am offering the buyer a two day training bootcamp. We will cover all aspects of the manuals for window cleaning and house washing processes, and cover the basics of roof cleaning. After theory, we will spend a day hands on where we will wash a house from the gutters to the ground as well as a full inside and out window clean. Even for the owner / manager who wishes to hire all labour, this hands on day will cement the knowledge in your mind so that training future hires will be a walk in the park.

I'll be available by phone and email for at least 12 months (hey, I still speak to the couple that bought my last business 3 years later) for aspects relating to the business and manuals. The website, as mentioned before will be placed on Special Care, which provides you with 12 months of daily backups, hack prevention and updates.

What more could you want? Get in touch now >